Larry’s Lumber is Building Dreams From the Ground Up.

Building a new home is part of the American Dream. With endless possibilities and choices, choosing the right team can provide a positive experience to the building process.

The team at Larry’s Lumber takes an immense pride in assisting the customer from design to completion in their home project.

The team at Larry’s Lumber takes an immense pride in assisting the customer from design to completion in their home project.

We strive to use our knowledge base and experience to give the homeowner the information needed to make educated decisions. Our goal is to over exceed the expectations of the customer while adding value, guidance, assistance, and timely delivery of our responsibilities. While excited, some of our customers express feeling overwhelmed when thinking about where to start with their new project and all the decisions that need to be made, while the Larry’s Lumber team sees an opportunity to turn that into a well-organized and FUN experience.

What do we do

Larry’s Lumber is a material supply store for your home or commercial project. However, in order to provide materials, these are the just some of services provided to make your project come to fruition.

  • Site Assessment
  • Floor Plan Selection
  • Custom Design/Drafting
  • Customized Exterior Renderings
  • Material Selection From Our Showroom
  • In-House Interior Design
  • Material Estimates
  • Contractor/Sub Contractor Collaboration
  • Timely Delivery

things to consider

the home owner, general contractor (builder), and material supply store (project manager) work together as a team and not independently of each other. The better we all work together, the better the experience.

under the floor, behind the walls, and in the ceilings are the hidden structural elements that hold the home together. Our designers take pride in those elements and take whatever measures necessary to validate the structure.

building materials include framing, insulating elements, exterior elements, and interior elements. Materials serve as both protective and aesthetic purposes. Are the products in that magazine or internet picture up to the task?

our climate is one of the harshest in the world with temperatures ranging from -25 to 110 degrees along with sun, rain, snow, ice, frost, humidity, and wind. Your home needs to be ready for everything.

budgets are real but difficult to talk about. The reality is that all budgets will require a give and take and require some form of trade-offs. Our team is here to provide the necessary experience and information for the home owner to make those decisions to stay within their budget.

the list of things that go into a home is large. With all of the things to think about, we would like to think that stopping in at Larry’s Lumber should be the first step in your home building process.

every home is a system that is constructed through the services of several trades people to work with your individual lifestyles, unique site characteristics, and our changing seasons.

there is a wide range of style that can be found within magazines, Houzz, and Pinterest. Likewise, there are many choices within your style.

not all homes will fit on all lots making each home unique and “custom.”

the slope of the lot dictates the home as much as the size of the lot.

Start Your Next Project With Us

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